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Prepare for the process


- An application for political asylum can be submitted affirmatively, meaning you file the petition under your own motivation

- A petition can also be filed in response to proceedings in which the government is planning to remove you from the country

- An interview will be scheduled generally within 30 days of the submission of your application to evaluate your asylum needs

- You must provide a translator over the age of 18 if needed

Facing a need for political asylum is a frightening situation. Let us help you understand every step of the process and guide you through. We will give you the encouragement and support you need when seeking the protection of asylum.

The American dream does exist. The words on the Statue of Liberty do mean something. Together we will show their strength.

If removal proceedings have begun, there is still hope.

Call for reliable advice.

Protect yourself from persecution

If you are afraid to return to your country of origin because you have received threats or have been the victim of persecution, you can seek protection in the U.S. by filing a petition for political asylum.


Political asylum grants you the right to remain in this country legally in order to protect you from the dangers in your country. If you remain for one year, you can then seek permanent residency.

Don't give up

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If you are afraid to return to your country because you have been persecuted there, or because you think you might be persecuted in the future, you have to make some very important decisions very quickly. Under current law, you must apply within one year after you come to the U.S., unless there is a drastic change in your country. There are a few exceptions, so please consult with an attorney soon.


Also, the regulations provide that you may not apply for employment authorization until 150 days after your application has been filed.


It is important that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible.


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Si  esta temeroso de regresar a su país  pues usted ha sido Perseguido, o por que usted piensa que será perseguido en el futuro, Entonces usted deberá tomar importantes decisiones a corto plazo.


Bajo el Régimen de leyes actuales, usted debe solicitar asilo en el primer año de estadía en los Estados Unidos., a menos que hayan ocurrido cambios drásticos en su país. Hay muy pocas excepciones así que consulte pronto con su abogado.


Estos estatutos establecen, que usted no deberá aplicar por autorización de empleo 150 días después de haber llenado su solicitud de asilo.


Llame a  Salvador Colón al (713) 863-7909.

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